Room #1 – “The Rainbow Room”

The closest room to the lake derives its name from the legendary stock of Rainbow Trout waiting to test your angling prowess. Rustic log theme with a bright, contemporary accent.
Includes: log queen bed, fireplace and clock radio

Room #2 – “The Buckaroo Room”

Designed for younger guests with a “Cowboys and Indian’s” theme. Perfect for families with little buckaroos since it connects to the adjoining room 3. Hardwood floors and a rustic theme. It may be booked separately if guests desire.
Includes: log bunk beds, trundle bed, fireplace

Room #3 – “The Garden Room”

Step out of your room and into our garden-bordered breakfast nook. A light, spacious room with rustic log furniture. Adjoining door accesses room 2 if desired.

Includes: log queen Bed, fireplace and clock radio

Room #4 – “The Pine Room”

A large, antique- adorned room takes you back in time. A favorite of many guests due to its character and warmth.
Includes: log king bed, Refrigerator and clock radio

Room #5 – “The Ice Box”

Much warmer than its name suggests. Named after the original “Eggert Ice Co.” wooden crate pieces, which we found behind the walls during renovation. This fully renovated room features some of the original ice handling tools as decorative mementos.
Includes: log queen bed, fireplace and clock radio

Room #6 – “The Train Whistle”

Originally one of the bunkhouse quarters for the ice workers who would scurry to prepare for loading the train upon hearing its whistle. The mountain log theme with railroad memorabilia. This room can be booked alone or as an addition to room 5. (Perfect for families with children.)
Includes: log queen bed, fireplace and clock radio

Room #7 – “The Caboose”

The room’s appeal and comfort, this light, airy room is just steps away from the soothing-sounding flow of the South Platte river.
Includes: log queen bed, fireplace and clock radio

Room #8 – “The Lake House”

Located in the back of our main lodge, One feels as if on a houseboat with the lake glistening through two large windows. A cozy lakeside dock, patio awaits lounging, just outside of the front door.
Includes: log queen bed, clock radio, a large bath tub/shower restroom and is located on the lake